Bicycle Ride

When you hit the road, you have got to make sure you are well prepared. Take a look at these 5 things to help make your ride manageable!


It’s an obvious thing, but you’ll laugh if I told you how many time I’ve forgot to bring water on my rides. Having a bootle with a easy open spout is the best if you’re trying to re-hydrate while riding. Regardless, if you feel like your sweating a whole bunch or not, you will loose water through your breath and sweat on your ride. It’s good to have a full bottle handy to replenish what you lose.

Tool Kit including: patch kit, new tube, tire leavers, multitool

You never know where your next puncture will happen, it might be in the middle of nowhere. It’s good to be prepared. There are many ways to carry your tools and spare tube: frame bags, handle bar bag, pannier, in your back pocket or saddle bag. Check out the tool bags available at LetsKeepMoving here.


What good is a patch kit if you can’t get air in your tube afterwards? Don’t worry you don’t need to bring a full on pump, there are plenty of small to tiny pumps available that fit on your frame and are easy to use.

High energy bar

You’ll use tons of energy on your rides, and it sucks when you can’t keep the same pace and feel depleated. Having a high energy snack with carbs and fats can keep you going strong. Some cyclists like to use gel energy packs, cliff bars, power bars, etc. There are many options out there, personally I like to make my own date power balls. Check out the recipe here.

Phone, ID and money

In case of an emergency, it’s good to have a phone, identification, and money just in case. As well, if you have a smart phone you can track your rides with Strava, that way a bike computer isn’t necessary. Have you seen the absurdly fun images some cyclist is creating in Victoria, BC with Strava? Check them out here.

Do you agree with the list above? Is there anything else you would add? Please let us know in the comments section below.