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Bike theft is a big issue in the UK, after suffering a theft, 25% gave up cycling, and 66% cycled less. Clearly theft is a barrier to the growth of cycling, and any measures that can be taken to reduce it should be taken seriously.

1) Lock

  • Choosing a lock that is certified with “Sold Secure” guarantees that you are selecting a quality product that you can trust to secure your bicycle.
  • For the most secure set-up use two locks, a D Lock and a chain. The more heavy-duty a lock used, the more difficult it is to break.

2) Location

  • Park your bike in a well lit area, if possible choose designated cycle parking which will allow you to secure your bicycle frame and wheel, a lot of infrastructure is very dated and a thief could steal the frame, leaving just a wheel behind.
  • Check that the infrastructure you are securing your bike to is secure itself, if it can be moved, so can your bike!
  • Remember, bike thefts can occur at any time of day, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security when parking your bike in a busy spot during the day.
  • A small amount of bicycle storage products are certified with Sold Secure, although there is often little choice of locations when locking your bike, if you are lucky enough to have options, then it is worth looking into.

3) Insurance

  • This can usually be done as part of your home contents insurance, as long as thefts away from the home are included. More expensive bicycles may require specific insurance.

4) Mark and register

  • Engrave your initials, or draw with a marker on your bike. This makes it more difficult for a thief to sell the bicycle on.
  • Most local authorities organise bike marking events, its worth looking into these for your local area. Every bike has a serial number, and you can register this with local police.

5) Spread the word!

The more steps we take against bicycle theft, the more we can encourage others to take up cycling and discourage theft. If you think we have missed anything important, please comment below!

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