Night riding at Revolve24 2016 Please credit Edward Thomas Sportive Photo

Revolve24 the 24-hour cycling endurance challenge at the iconic motor circuit track Brands Hatch saw over 400 cyclists taking part this weekend (10 Saturday – 11 Sunday September 2016).

Riders came from as far as Holland and Belgium to take part and enjoy the closed circuit challenge with its smooth asphalt, arduous climbs, exhilarating descents and a supportive festival atmosphere. The 12 hour and 6 hour challenges, British Cycling Men and Women’s Omnium (Regional A) added to the non-stop excitement around Britain’s world-class track.

Returning from Rio on a triple-gold high, six-time Olympic Champion Jason Kenny joined in the endurance challenge as part of a four-man team including his father, uncle and fiancée Laura Trott’s dad, Adrian Trott. Off the track, Jason happily mixed with riders and their families, stopping for photographs, as well as taking time to enjoy Pistonhead’s Sunday Service – a paddock full of super cars.

Bikes 2016 Please credit Edward Thomas Sportive Photo
photos by Edward Thomas Sportive Photo

Jason Kenny says: “I really enjoyed the event. It was a definite challenge – both off the track, trying to look after yourself throughout the weekend, as well as getting stuck in on the track. There’s a great atmosphere here and it’s been great fun.”

Unsurprisingly, Jason Kenny won the King of the Mountain stage, climbing the 9% gradient Hailwoods Hill that bends into the famous Druids Corner in just 10 seconds.

Jason Miles won the men’s solo title, completing 167 laps (401 miles) and climbing 10,688 metres (35,070 feet); the equivalent of riding London to Edinburgh. Each lap of the 3.8km (2.4 miles) GP circuit had 64m (210 feet) of climbing.

Georgina Cleere won the women’s solo title, completing 127 laps (305 miles) and climbing 8,128m (26,670 feet).

Jasmijn Muller won the Queen of the Mountain stage, taking on the Mountain stage in just 17 seconds. Seven soloists and ten teams Everested in the 24-hour challenge.

Huw Bunn, Revolve24 co-founder said “This year has been everything we could possibly wish for. The turn-out has been great and throughout the dark hours of early morning, people’s spirits in the pit garages created a strong camaraderie. I’ve been overwhelmed by the commitment of the riders throughout the weekend.”

Soloists, pairs and teams of 4, 6 and 8 set off at 3pm on Saturday and battled strong winds and light rain. However, they enjoyed perfect conditions of no wind and beautiful sunshine throughout Sunday until the finish at 3pm.

Registration of interest for the 2017 Revolve24 can be made via the website at

Other results:

Winner of the British Cycling Men’s Omnium (Regional A): Jack Rebours (2nd : Ben Seneviratne, 3rd: Andrew Harrison)

Winner of the British Cycling Women’s Omnium (Regional A): Mathilde Pauls (2nd Michelle Lee, 3rd Helen Ralston).

Solo winner of the 12-hour “Dusk ‘til Dawn” Challenge – Men’s: Michael Jones, 86 laps Women’s: Gail Brown 76 laps.

Winner of the 6-hour challenge: Men’s: Dean Hudson (54 laps)  Women’s: Alexandra Meneth (42 laps).

*All photos are from Edward Thomas Sportive Photo.