Bike Theft

Most of us have more than likely been there. We´ve left our pride and joy in a place we think is safe, then BAM – it´s gone.

But what can you actually do about it?

One of the biggest problem with stopping bike theft is that cities don´t even understand the extent of the problem. Nearly all police departments often consider bike theft as a low priority and fail to pursue thieves, which in turn discourages folks from reporting the incident at all.

In the UK alone, over 376,000 bicycles are stolen each year, which is around one every 90 seconds and online publication, Cyclist, spoke with Cycleplan MD John Woosey who had the following to say

“More than half of all cycle thefts in the UK occur in and around the victim’s home, most notably from gardens, passageways between houses and outbuildings such as sheds and garages. Despite this, only 5% of home content’s policies cover cycles outside of the home as standard.”

With this in mind, how do you stop such a huge problem?

Total Women´s Cycling have offered some solid advice on the problem and they provide the following tips:

  • Register your bike with “Bike Register” or “Immobilise
  • Use high quality bike locks
  • If your bike is kept at home, lock it to something heavy and immoveable
  • ALWAYS secure your bike when you leave it
  • If you commute to work, try not to leave it in the same place every day
  • If you use Strava, use the settings to create a privacy perimeter

The issue isn´t going to go away any time soon, so at Cycling Torque we would love to hear your suggestions on what can be done to tackle bike theft.

*Failing that, you could just take a leaf out of the book of these “pranksters”

*disclaimer: we take no responsibility in you doing this!