Jump on the turbo. It will be a quick and efficient session, saves the faff of deciding where to go, getting kitted up, checking the bike.

Hauls turbo and fan out of cupboard. Re arranges living room to get it perfectly infront of the TV.

Swaps wheel onto the spare wheel with the trainer tyre on it.

Right, just got to find a video to watch on YouTube.

10 minutes of slightly aimless searching, and a bit of procrastination watching a cat do silly things commences.

Video loaded.

Now, let’s find a workout to follow on TrainerRoad.

Eyes workouts with fear. Chooses a hard one, but not too hard. Don’t want it to hurt too much.

Ah rubbish, where’s my USB dongle to make TrainerRoad pair with my powermeter?

Searches through drawer of random electrical bits. Finds an old digital camera that had been forgotten about.

Great, Trainerroad works.

Now just need to hook up my laptop to the big TV screen.

Where’s the bloody cable?

Rifles through the electrical drawer again. Spend 5 minutes untangling a maze of wires. Many profanities result.

Right, all done, let’s ride!!

Ah rubbish, I need my headphones, I’ll want music to listen to as I watch my video.

Where the heck are they?

Ah, in my rucksack.

Finds rucksack. Discovers a letter that sits unopened at the bottom, recived a month ago. A bill lies within.

Crikey, better pay that quickly. What’s my banking login?

Sod it will do it later.

Right, NOW I can go.

Hang on, I need my phone to play the music, just quickly grab it! 

Finds phone. Quickly checks messages and emails.

Right, DEFINITELY ready.

An hour of suffering commences.

The video keeps on buffering and you keep on half pausing in intervals to change the song you’re listening to.

Thank God that’s over. 

NOOooo! I forgot to press start on my garmin!

No strava = no point.

Ahh, cycling, the escape from the frustrations of modern life and its connected culture. Love it. So relaxing.

Image sourced from: http://www.vojomag.nl/chroniques/de-hometrainer-hoe-te-gebruiken/