Sex Life

You’re Sexy and You Know It
Riding a bike makes you fit, and being fit makes you feel more confident in the buff. In a study of more than 400 men and women, researchers at the University of Arkansas found that those who were physically fit rated their own sexual desirability much higher than did their unfit peers. Even just a couple rides a week can boost your body image. Among those who exercised two to three days per week, over 80 percent of males and nearly 60 percent of females rated themselves as above or much above average in sexual desirability. In terms of actual performance, among those who exercised four to five days per week, 88 percent of females and 69 percent of males reported themselves as being above or much above average.

You’re Sexy and They Know It, Too
Cycling can make you way more attractive to the opposite sex. A survey of 600 men and women commissioned by the British Heart Foundation found that respondents believed cyclists to be 13 percent more intelligent and cooler, and 10 percent more charitable, than other people. Twenty-three percent said they’d rather date a cyclist than other types of athletes. And—hold the phone—two thirds of the respondents owned up to loving the look of our Lycra kits.You’re a Little Bit High
There’s a reason why many people turn to mind-altering chemicals like alcohol and marijuana to “get in the mood”—it relaxes them and lowers their stress levels (and inhibitions).

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