The humble bike rack & pannier has remained unchanged for nearly half a century. They can be heavy, unsightly, compared to modern road bike, and are not compatible with all road bikes. A redesign was long overdue, and Tailfin is the solution.

Tailfin is introducing an entirely new category of bicycle rack & panniers. The company debuts, with an advanced carbon fiber rack and companion pannier bags. The rack is adaptable to any road bike, is ultra-light and quick release. Both the rack and bag are designed to complement your road bike beautifully. The Tailfin rack & panniers work perfectly together, and, ingeniously, the rack can also fit with traditional panniers. Beginning with the road bike market, the Tailfin rack & panniers have been designed around the core belief, that every journey is not just about the destination, it’s about enjoying the ride.

To enable the Tailfin rack to fit any road bike, (including those lacking rack mounts or carbon fiber frames and seatposts), it ships with a custom made quick release skewer, with built-in mounting features. The rack is mounted to the bike, by forming a stable triangle between the ends of the skewer and the seatpost (the seatpost connector is carbon friendly and designed to fit almost any size). The rack is quick release, allowing it to be added, or removed, without tools, in seconds. For security purposes, it can be locked, with screws, if preferred. The rack weighs 275 grams, 50% lighter than the majority of existing racks. By utilizing carbon fiber as it’s main material, it is ultra rigid, and tested beyond industry standards (EN 14872-2006).

The panniers are 40% lighter than most existing panniers, weighing just 600grams. They contain a rigid backbone, to keep items stable in transit, and reduce any sway or swing whilst cycling. Each pannier has a sizeable capacity of 24Litres, with the ability to accommodate even the largest 17” laptop, if used for commuting. The pannier fabric is a high performance, advanced sailcloth laminate, making it exceptionally waterproof, durable and lightweight.

Tailfin’s founder, Nick Broadbent, a passionate cyclist, is a mechanical engineer and has been designing and engineering products for over a decade, having worked for various international product development consultancies & startups. Nick Broadbent says: “Creating a light and elegant product was important, but it was critical that the product function was as also better than existing racks & panniers. Fundamentally, I wanted to enable every rider’s journey to be effortless, by designing the most advanced rack and pannier system ever. The aim is to ride fast, with more.”

The Tailfin rack & pannier launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday 26th April, 2016, with estimated delivery of the first product in October 2016. The tailfin rack & panniers will subsequently be available through tailfin.cc  Prices on Kickstarter will be starting at $190/£132/€169 for the rack & $65/£45/€57 for the pannier.

Help support the campaign today, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tailfin/tailfin-ultra-light-carbon-bike-rack-and-panniers

For media enquiries, or for further product information, please contact Nick Broadbent on +44(0) 7958 444000 or email nick@tailfin.cc