summer cycling tips

Summer is here, you’ve been waiting all winter for the weather to get nice, for it to stop raining, for the wind to ease up a bit and all of a sudden it’s gotten too hot, your kids are off school and it’s time for the family holiday. All your winter training is at risk, what do you do? Thankfully there is a solution to all your problems so here’s my top five tips to keep riding in the summer:

1) Plan Your Holiday

First of all plan your holiday with everyone in mind. Sure there might be some compromises but take your family with you on an epic cycling adventure. If want to cycle around a foreign country, ride an epic climb or an amazing event take a break with your family there too. What does your family like doing? You’ll be able to find a cycling event near a family friendly resort. You can have your ride and they can enjoy doing something else, if you’re lucky they might support you at the event.

2) Can’t Fit Bike in with Other Luggage

Hire a bike or you can even get yours shipped easily around the world to big events with specialist companies. Of course there is risks involved in both, hiring the wrong size bike or your bike getting damaged in transit but it’s a solution. Check and book a bike in advance if you’re hiring and try to relax about your bike getting damaged, it’s at no more risk than being on a plane! Key here is to get this sorted at time of booking with plenty of time.

3) It’s Gotten Too Hot

If you’re in the UK the chances of it being too hot for you are minimal, abroad it can be worse and sometimes dangerous but remember when it was raining, windy, snowing and just miserable? Use this as your focus and motivation to enjoy this weather while it lasts! To be truly British you do need to moan about the weather but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your cycling!

4) Preparation is Key

Ok so it actually is too hot and there is a chance of dehydration, heat stroke or some other form of illness that is putting you off riding, what can you do? First of all, it’s all about how you plan it. Remember that hydration and nutrition will be key so take at least two bottles and pack your jersey pockets with suitable foods & even electrolyte tabs (not forgetting the usual kit like tools & tubes). You’ll also need to plan a route that will mean you can stop to get more water, so probably skip the long rides through the outback. If you’re able to plan a route with cafes or stops you have the next point sorted too and that’s finding cover if you get in trouble. Worse case you get too hot and need to cool off you want to do this in shade. Make sure you dress correctly, base layers can actually help disperse sweat and heat, just make sure you get the right one. Also ensure you wear enough sun screen, nothing ruins a trip like sun burn!

5) If All Else Fails

Train indoors… Remember your turbo trainer, gym bike or other piece of equipment that you got familiar with over the winter, use it again! You’ll need to make some key adjustments like location, air circulation and temperature regulation but if you really can’t get out or face getting out then that’s what it’s designed for.


Pav BryanAbout the Author: I am Pav Bryan, a professional British Cycling level 3 road and time trial coach. I specialise in taking clients and giving them a training plan that will help them grow into a complete cyclist. With well over a decade of coaching experience I am the person to trust with your athletic future. Visit to find out more.